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Realm Pets!

Realm Pets!

The GMs made a video all about the new functional Pets! Enjoy and let us know what you think!

RotMG Forum Leprechaun Hunt!

Mar 1

RealmCast Season 2 Episode 2 is now up! Please stop by our SoundCloud to listen!

It’s here! Join the Realm of the Mad God GMs Zbornox, BuffSoulja, and SirRacha on Season 2 of RealmCast, the official RotMG Podcast! We’re back with player questions, game news and community event updates. 

**Special thanks to Beat Garden for the opening track “Slow Game” and to Bilal for providing the other musical tunes throughout the show. You can check out all of Bilal’s work at:

Dec 6

Drum Roll, Please!

Pending all systems are a go next week, every single RotMG player (this means you), will see an addition to their Character Classes. The Ninja will be added on Monday, December 10. What?! Yes, this is real.

The limited release of the Ninja via Kongregate is ending and this means we’ll be shipping out the Ninja, along with a number of other fixes, to the game. Want all the info on the Ninja? Well you can read about him right here!

For more updates and info on the Ninja, and all things Realm of the Mad God, please stay tuned! 


RealmCast Episode 1

We’ve been cooking up a secret project for everyone out there for the past few weeks now, and we’re finally ready to share it with you all!

We present to you RealmCast - Episode 1! This podcast is brought you by the GMs, as well as the rest of the RotMG team. We’re going to be releasing these podcasts every other week or so in order to give everyone a better glimpse of what we’ve got cooking around the Kabam offices these days.

Join us all this week as Zbornox, TiffyTiff, and DashAhead sit down with Willem and Boosh to delve into our upcoming release, some player Q&A, our favorite food trucks, and where we might be able to find some sailors. Click the link below and enjoy!

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