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RealmCast Season 2 Episode 6

May 3 GameMasters Zbornox, SirRacha and Buff catch you up on all-things Realm. This RealmCast includes special guest star appearance by Forum Mod, Blackjam, and some interactive reading by Zbornox!

RealmCast Season 2 Episode 3

Mar 1

RealmCast Season 2 Episode 2 is now up! Please stop by our SoundCloud to listen!

It’s here! Join the Realm of the Mad God GMs Zbornox, BuffSoulja, and SirRacha on Season 2 of RealmCast, the official RotMG Podcast! We’re back with player questions, game news and community event updates. 

**Special thanks to Beat Garden for the opening track “Slow Game” and to Bilal for providing the other musical tunes throughout the show. You can check out all of Bilal’s work at:

Feb 1

Is it really already RealmCast Episode 12? Indeed! Listen in as DashAhead, TiffyTiff, Zbornox and Willem answer player questions and discuss the newest dungeon, the Lair of Draconis! You’ll also get to meet our new GMs, SirRacha and BuffSoulja! You gotta listen to find out!

*Apologies about DashAhead’s mic, we fix it about 10 min in.

Tickle your inner ear drum by listening to RealmCast 10